Why do I have to register as a member to access volunteer opportunities?

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality service, and in an effort to improve the Impact Connect: Business experience, we ask employees to register with Dear God, Are We There Yet? volunteer dashboard in order to express interest in a volunteer opportunity.

This helps ensure that accurate and reliable information is exchanged between employees (volunteers) and nonprofits creating stronger volunteer connections.

Volunteer registration allows us to verify the validity of a volunteer's email address, ensuring that nonprofits can successfully follow-up with them. 

As always, the privacy and safeguarding of your personal information is of the utmost concern to us. Your registration information will never be shared, and will only be used to for communication between you and the nonprofit organizations of your choosing.

Dear God, Are We There Yet? requires verification of your email address before you can refer yourself to an opportunity to ensure that a nonprofit is able to contact you after you have referred yourself to an opportunity. If you don't have an email account, sign up for a free one through Yahoo! or Hotmail.

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